Erick Patrick

Born 1988, Brazilian Software Architect, living in Germany, mainly creating sites, web systems and mobile apps. Also, proud husband, father and son.

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I will try to not use Medium anymore

October 4, 2019, in

It's been a while. During this time I started using/visiting Medium less and less and I in this publication you'll will know the reason. Disclaimer: this is my personal view on how things got here. For sure, Medium CEO and emplouyees have a different...

Beginner's Assumption - 0

September 10, 2019, in

During my vacation I learned a friend has decided to join the world of Web Development and he wanted me to help him into this journey. Accepting this invitation promptly I told it would only be possible after I was back home, where i have everything to...


RPG do Mestre

Blog about Roleplaying Games. There I show my skills as game designer, storyteller and writer by keeping Alter Ego, a three-in-one content: RPG System, RPG Scenario and Sci-Fi novel. Apart from that, I also share some of my hand-made drawings, mainly focused in RPG games. There's also a newsletter, called Weekly (guess its periodicy ;D), which I share curated RPG articles from around the world.

Jigsaw + NetlifyCMS template

This website uses a static site generator called Jigsaw. It also used to use NetlifyCMS, a Git based CMS, to manage the creation, update and delition of contents. As many and many more people are willing to go down the same route I went, I decided to share the setup I used.

Show subscriber-only publications on Medium (Chrome Extension)

Though it's not the best code in the world, it does the job. It will paint the background of all the publications on Medium that are subscriber-only. It is not published on the Chrome-store but you can see the code and verify that it does only that and adds nothing to disturb your browsing.